How can I accept payments via Stripe?

With Shopio, you don't have to get a separated merchant account to use Stripe as your Payment Gateway. The account will be automatically included when you sign up with the payment gateway provider.

Note: Stripe is available for businesses in 14 countries right now. The supported countries are Canada, US, UK, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium. If you are from these countries you can use Stripe and accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Shopio comes integrated with Stripe. You can easily set Stripe as your Payment Gateway. Go to Settings >> Payment menu of your Shopio Admin Panel and click on "Add Payment Gateway". Choose Stripe from the drop-down menu.


Fill in the related fields "correctly" and "completely". If you want, you can test your Stripe Account before publishing it. Just choose the "Test" from the Test Mode Section. (See the image below) Finally click on the ADD button to save the process.

What are those "Keys" that wanted from me?

On your Stripe Account Panel (if you don't have one, you can easily get from here.) Go to your Settings menu and Choose API Keys from the pop-up window. (See the image below) You can easily copy/paste our required information to enter into your Shopio Account.

With Stripe, customers won't need to have a Stripe Account to checkout! Just with their credit cards they can easily finalize their payments.

Here is an example Stripe Checkout Page with Shopio.


Stripe is one of the most used Payment Gateways and it has a very useful and friendly interface so you won't have big problems while using it.



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