How can I change my product's featured image?

When you add a product with more than one images, the first uploaded image is automatically set as "featured image" and your product is shown with that image on your online store. If you want to change the "featured image", in "Edit Product Page", just drag and move the image that you want to set as "featured" to the first place in the "Images Preview" list

To put it in an order;

  • Go to your All Products menu from your Shopio Admin Panel.
  • Find the product that you want to change its Featured Image and click on the product name. (Or by its Actions icon, select Edit.)

  • In Edit Product Page, find the "Images" field. You will see the whole uploaded images below, as "Images Preview".

  • Just drag and drop the image and put it into the first place.

  • Finally, click on UPDATE to save the process.
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