Category List

Variable Usage Explanation
id (int) {% for category in categories %}
{{ }}
{% endfor %}
Returns the ID of the category.
title (str) {% for category in categories %}
<a href="/product/list/categoryId/{{}}">{{category.title}}</a>
{% endfor %}
Returns the title of the category.
level (int) {% for category in categories %}
{{ category.level }}
{% endfor %}
Returns the level of the category.
image (str) {% for category in categories %}
{{ category.image }}
{% endfor %}
Returns the image of the category.
imagePath(str) {% for category in categories %}
<img src="{{ category.imagePath }}" border="0" alt="{{ category.title}}">
{% endfor %}
Returns the image path value of the category image.
children(array) {% for category in categories %}
{% for child in category.children%}
<a href="/product/list/categoryId/{{}}">{{child.title}}</a>
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
Returns all of the subcategories. Just like in the example (child.title) you can use all variables for this code that we mentioned above. (ex., child.level, child.image, child.imagepath)


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