Domain Manager

When you start creating your store, Shopio gives you an automatic subdomain like "". If you want, you can point this subdomain to a domain that you already have.

  1. Find Settings and choose Domain Manager
  2. Click Add Domain button.

What is a subdomain?

The URL “” that is created at the beginning of the setup process is your subdomain. You can point this subdomain to a real domain like “” or “  Before this, first you need to go Settings>> Domain Manager from your admin panel and add your domain name by clicking "Add Domain".

For example, ""  will be your site address, you need to add this address by clicking “Add Domain” from “Domain Manager”.  After that, to point your subdomain to a domain, you can setup CNAME record from your Domain Provider's Panel.

From the  domain provider that you purchased your domain (ex. Godaddy, NameCheap) you can setup  a CNAME Record for your domain ( or

After your setup process, in 30 to 60 minutes, your subdomain will be pointed to your custom domain.

Setup Your Own Domain

Go your Admin Panel of your domain provider,  find DNS Manager and click “Add new record” buton. According to a domain provider, DNS Manager page can be named as DNS Records page, DNS Control page or Advenced DNS Editor page.


Choose "Add CNAME" and go Name/Host/Alias CNAME . Type the  domain you wish to use. For example,   "www.", "store.", or "shop."

Go Value/Pointsto/Destinationfield, type the subdomain that is given to you by Shopio "" .

If you are allowed to edit TTL, you can type "360".

Finally save the process to finish.

After that, you will need to add your own domain to your Shopio Panel via Settings >> Domain Manager.

To point your root domain (without www version), you need to use Forwarding Option.

Forward your root domain ( to your www version (

Don't forget to add your root domain to your Shopio's Domain Manager.


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