Can I create discount coupons for my store?

Discount Coupons are very important tools for Marketing Strategies of your online store. Shopio provides a useful Coupons feature for you.

To create a discount coupon:

  • Go to Marketing >> Coupons & Discounts menu of our Dashboard.
  • Click on the ADD COUPON button from far right of the page.
  • When you are on the Coupon Details page. Give a code and name your coupon. (Your code must have at least 6 characters.)
  • You need to set the starting and ending dates for your coupon.
  • Set your discount type as a value or percentage. To set it, you can select from the drop down menu. For example, assume that your Amount is 10 and your currency is in dollars. If you choose Discount Amount, discount will be $10. If you select Discount Percentage, discount will be %10 of the product price.

  • Specify max usage limit both for the coupon and per customer.  Also decide min order amount. (If min. Order Amount is $100, coupon won't be available for the purchases lower than $100.)

If you want, you can assign this code to a product, to a brand or to a customer group! Or you can make a customized combination of them.

  • We click SAVE. Yes. Our coupon is ready to serve!




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