Article View

Variable Usage Explanation <ul>
<li>{{ }}</li>
Returns the id of an article.
article.title <ul>
<li>{{ article.title }}</li>
Returns the title of an article.
article.metaTitle <ul>
<li>{{ article.metaTitle }}</li>
Returns the meta title of an article.
article.metaDescription <ul>
<li>{{ article.metaDescription }}</li>
Returns the meta description of an article.
article.metaKeywords <ul>
<li>{{ article.metaKeywords }}</li>
Returns the meta keywords of an article.
article.url <ul>
<li>{{ article.url }}</li>
Returns the url of an article.
article.status <ul>
<li>{{ article.status }}</li>
Returns the status of an article.
article.content <ul>
<li>{{ article.content }}</li>
Returns the content of an article.
article.commentable (int) <ul>
<li>{{ article.commentable }}</li>
Returns the comment state of an article.
article.comments (array) <ul>
  {% for comment in article.comments %}
  <li>{{ comment.authorName }}</li>
  <li>{{ comment.creationDate }}</li>
  <li>{{ comment.content }}</li>
  {% endfor %}
Returns the comments of an article.
article.categories <ul>
  {% for article_category in article.categories %}
   <li>{{ article_category.title }}</li>
  {% endfor %}
Returns the category of an article.
article.tags <ul>
  {% for article_tag in article.tags %}
   <li>{{ article_tag.title }}</li>
  {% endfor %}
Returns the tags of an article.


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