How can I allow customers to make payments with their credit cards through PayPal Express?

After setting PayPal Express as your Payment Gateway from your Shopio Admin Panel, the process that your customers go through when they are redirected to the PayPal website depends on your PayPal Account Type.

PayPal provides two options for your customers for their checkout processes. According to your PayPal Account Type (Personal or Business), customers' options for checkout changes.

If you have PayPal Personal Account:

With personal account, your customers will have to use a PayPal account. But if they don't have, they can easily create a new one using the quick form of the checkout page. Once logged into a PayPal account, customers can use their credit cards with PayPal to complete the purchase. (See image below)

If you have PayPal Business Account:

With Business Account (or Premium Account), customers will have the additional option to checkout using a credit card without having a PayPal account. Just after they type their credit card information, they will have the chance to finish their purchases.

Again like Personal Account, they can easily create a PayPal account for themselves by clicking on the "Save your information with PayPal (Optional)" button if they wish. (See below image)

  • Please Note This: In some countries, PayPal will require you to Upgrade your Personal Account in order to get payments via PayPal Express. To confirm this, kindly contact your local PayPal support team. Also, again in some countries, even with a Business account, PayPal will require your customers to pay using a PayPal account. For more info, kindly contact with your PayPal Support Service.


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