How do I charge a shipping rate based on quantity?

You can not charge a shipping rate based on quantity.

In Shopio, there are 2 types of shipping rates:

  1. Price-based
  2. Weight-based

This means Shopio calculates the total price of the order (or the total weight of the order). There is no quantity-based shipping rates but here's what our shops do as a workaround:

Basically, you're going to set up a series of rates for each price range (or weight range).
If you sell socks and they all weigh 0.5 pounds each, and you want to charge $5 per sock for shipping, then you create 10 or more weight-based rates like so:

  • 0 lb to 0.5 lb $5.00
  • 0.51 lb to 1 lb $7.00 
  • 1.01 lb to 1.5 lb $8.00 
  • 1.51 lb to 2 lb $9.00 
  • 2.01 lb to 2.5 lb $10.00 Etc.
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