How can I set up my own domain with GoDaddy?

If you purchased your own domain from GoDaddy, you can easily set up your own domain to your Shopio Store by following the steps listed below.

First you need to login to your GoDaddy Admin Panel.

  • Go to your My Account menu and click My Domains field.
  •  In the Domains menu click on the settings gear icon of the Domain Name that you wish to point your Shopio Store.
  • Click on "Manage DNS".


  • Click on Add  on the bottom of the Records page .

  • Choose CNAME  from the Record Type List.
  • In the Add Zone Record popup window, type "www" for www version or if you wish to use subdomains type the subdomain name (ex: "store") into the Host field and type your Shopio Domain into the Points To field. ( For example: Then click on the Finish button.

*** If you wish to use subdomains like "" type the subdomain name (shop) instead of www

  • Click on "Save" to finish the process..


You need to use Forwarding to use your root domain (without www version) with your Shopio Store. In Records menu Scroll down to the Forwarding field and add forwarding for This will forward your root domain ( to your www version. (


You have succesfully finished the process in your GoDaddy Panel. Now you need one more step in your Shopio Admin Panel.

  • Go to your Settings >> Domain Manager menu of your Shopio Admin Panel and click on the Add Domain button.

  • A pop-up window will appear. Add your own Domain for both www and without www versions. (For example: "" and "")
  • If you decide to use a subdomain, just add the subdomain version. (For example:

***(www version)

***(without www version)

*** (subdomain version)

  • Here is the Final step. Set your own domain as "Primary".


Enjoy your Shopio Store with your very own domain =)


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