How do i add options to a product?

If you have different options for a product like size, color, etc, all you need is Shopio's Product Options Feature. Very easy to setup just with a few steps.

  • Go to Products >> All Products. When you are in All Products Page click on the Add Product Button.
    (If you want to add options to an existing product just click the product name.)
  • In Add Product Page (if it is a new product) or Edit Product Page (if it is an existing product) scroll down to the OPTIONS field. Check the Options checkbox.

  • When you check the Options checkbox, a pop-up window will appear. In this window, type your Option Name and Values. If you want to add another option click on the (+) button. (See in the image below.) After finishing your all options click on the CREATE button.

Note This: While adding your values you need to add them one by one. For example to type "Blue" press Enter to Save, Type "Navy" press Enter to Save, etc...

  • All the Option Combinations will be created automatically. (See in the image below) You can also manage your all variants separately. Just click the Actions icon of the variant that you wish to edit or delete.


  • Let's say your example product has just gone out of stock for Navy and Small. Or let's say Navy-Small type of our product is cheaper than the others. You can change its information via clicking on the Actions icon of it.

  • For example we just supplied new types for this product. XSmall and Blue one. We can quickly add this variant to the product by clicking on the Add Variant Button. (See the image in part 4 above)
  • After clicking to the SAVE button you are ready to go.


Here is the ultimate look of your Product Page:


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