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Variable Usage Explanation (int) {{ }} Returns ID of the product.
product.label (str) {{ product.label }} Returns the label of the product.
product.status (int) {{ product.status }} Returns the status of the product.
product.stockAmount (int) {{ product.stockAmount }} Returns the stock amount of the product.
product.stockTracking (int) {{ product.stockTracking }} If "do not track" checkbox is not checked it returns 1.
product.sku (str) {{ product.sku }} Returns the sku (stock keeping unit ) of the product.
product.shippingAddressRequired (int) {{ product.shippingAddressRequired }} If the "Shippin Address Required" checkbox is checked it returns 1, if it is not it returns nothing.
product.creationDate {{ product.creationDate }} Returns the creation date of the product.
product.lastUpdate {{ product.lastUpdate }} Returns last update of the product.
product.price {{ product.price }} Returns the price of the product.
product.brand.title {{ product.brand.title }} Returns the brand title of the product.
product.brandId {{ product.brandId }} Returns the ID of the product's brand.
product.parentId {{ product.parentId }} If it is a main product it returns 0, if it is a variant of the product it returns main product's ID.
product.url {{ product.url }} Returns the url of the product.
product.buyingPrice {{ product.buyingPrice }} Returns the buying price info of the product if entered. If it is not entered it returns 0.
product.sellingPrice {{ product.sellingPrice }} Returns the selling price of the product if entered. If it is not entered it returns 0.
product.metaTitle (str) {{ product.metaTitle }} Returns the meta title of the product.
product.metaKeywords (str) {{ product.metaKeywords }} Returns meta keywords of the product.
product.metaDescription (str) {{ product.metaDescription }} Returns the meta description of the product.
product.detail (str) {{ product.detail }} Returns the detail of the product.
product.weight (int) {{ product.weight }} Returns the weight f the product.
product.categories (array) {% for category in product.categories %}
{% endfor %}
Returns the category name of the product.
product.images (array) {% for image in product.images %}
{% endfor %}
Returns the image of the product.


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