How do I add products to my store?

Adding a product to your Shopio Store is very easy. Let's have a look together:


  •  Go to PRODUCTS >> All Products menu of your admin panel.
  •  Just right there, there is an "ADD PRODUCT" button. Click!

  • Now we're in PRODUCT INFORMATION page. We type our Product Name, Choose your Product's Brand (If has been created before from Products >> Brands), Choose your Category (If it is a new category, you can quickly add by clicking on the (+) icon.

  • Images will be the "Top Persuaders" for your products. Enjoy your limitless product images feature with Shopio! When you click on the Select button near Images field, hold CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple images from your device.
  • You can also fill other necessary fields like Price, Weight, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). In Stock Amount field, there is a checkbox named "Do not track" which means "I don't have any stock limit, not necessary to track it." If you have limited amount for that product, uncheck it and type your stock amount.

  • Promote your product to the visitors with the help of "Description" field. You can add videos, referral links, etc. about your product. This is also one of the most important fields that will make people to buy your product. To learn more about how to write descriptions read this article.

  • Don't forget the SEO fields. If you want your products to be seen on search results, you should fill them properly. To learn more about SEO read this article.

That's the process for adding products to your online store. Good luck on adding your new product!

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