How can I add pages on my store?

Adding pages on your store is a very easy process.

  • Go to the PAGES menu from your Dashboard and Click on the ADD PAGE button.


  • Enter the required information about your page like Page Title, Description etc. It is recommended to be more clear and significant while deciding your title and description in order to have better SEO results. (This blog post of ours, can help you learn more about writing SEO Friendly contents.)
  • To set your page public, select "Visible" on the Status Checkbox. It is checked as "Visible" by default, If you want to hide your page on your storefront, check "Hidden".  
  • Don't forget to fill in Search Engine Optimization field! Scroll down on the page to reach SEO details field.
  • Click on SAVE, If you think your page is ready.

Read more about adding pages from this article.

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