Can I add same Shipping Rates for multiple countries at once?

If you have countries with the same Shipping Rules on your Shopio Store, you can add them as a bulk instead of adding one by one.

:: First option
Multiple Countries

  • Go to your Settings >> Countries & Shipping menu and click on the Add Country button.

  • A window will show up. Select your countries one by one from the Country List. After choosing the first one, choose the second one again from the country list and perform the same process till you select all of your shipping countries. Set your shipping criteria, range, price and click on the SAVE button.

Your countries will be added separately. If you wish to edit them, you will need to edit one by one.


:: Second option 
Shipping Zones

  • You can add Shipping Rates for multiple countries via using special zones such as Rest of World, North America or European Countries. From the Add Country pop-up window, on the country list, you will see these zones as the first three options. Choose one of them to add multiple countries.

  • North American countries includes Canada, Mexico and United States.
  • European countries includes all countries within Europe, including United Kingdom.
  • Rest of World will allow you to create a shipping rate for any country not otherwise specified.
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