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With our Export feature, you can export products to be able to edit them as a bulk, or you can import to an another store.

Somehow, you may need a huge editing on your products and editing them one by one is a hard and long process. With Export feature, you can edit them all together via exporting them in a CSV file and re-import to your store.

  • On your All Products page click on the EXPORT button.

  • On the Export window, you can choose exporting all products or just the selected ones. (for selected products you need to choose product from your product list before clicking on the EXPORT button. To choose a product just click the checkbox of it at the left of the image icon.)

  • On Export window you can also select your CSV file type. If you will use Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet software to open your CSV file choose the first option. Otherwise choose the Plain CSV option. (see the image above)

  • After all your choices, click EXPORT PRODUCTS button. An email will be sent your store's email address with your attached CSV Export file.

Kindly pay attention to the file format while your are editing. Everything must be in the same format as Shopio's sample CSV file. You can reach our Sample CSV files here.

Please also read our Things to consider while editing an CSV file article to minimize the wrong editings.




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