Shopio gives you the chance to setup your tax settings easily based on your store's location and needs. We provide the flexibility to have multiple tax configurations including the following features. This article will guide you through setting up tax and show you other tax-related functions of the Shopio system. We would like to warn you that when your shop is first created you are solely responsible for submitting any taxes you collect from your sales.

  • Visit your Settings >> Tax menu. The countries that you already added from your Countries & Shipping menu will automatically show up here. You can also add new country from your Tax Page via Add Country button.


  • On the Add Country popup, choose your country and specify its shipping rates and save.


  • When you add new country, Shopio sets default tax rate for that country according to countries international tax policies. You can change this rate if you want. Change the tax rate and click Update Tax Rate icon.


For the countries with states, you can specify different tax rates for each state. To perform this just change the tax rate of the related state and click Update Tax Rate icon. You have three options for this:

- Add to country tax: Adds state rate to the country rate. (state rate + country rate)
- Instead of country tax: Only state rate will be used.
- Compounded on top of country tax: First adds the state rate and than adds the country rate to the new price.

For example, on the above image country rate for Brazil is  17% and state rate for Acre is 5%.

- If you choose Add to country tax, the tax rate for Acre will be 17 + 5 : 22%

- If you choose Instead of country tax, the tax rate for Acre will be 5%.

- If you choose Compounded on top of country tax, system first add %5 (state rate) to the product price and will get a new price. After that will add 17% (country rate) to that new price and will get the final price for Acre / Brazil.


Tax Settings

On the top of the Tax page, you will see two options.

You can Include your Taxes into your product prices if you want. Just click the checkbox "All taxes are included in my prices" box for this. When you choose this option, system automatically calculates your shipping rate according to this formula "Tax = (Tax Rate * Price) / (1 + Tax Rate) Example $ 10.00 at 18% VAT will be $ 1.52." and shows on the Checkout Process. 

You can also choose to charge taxes from shipping rates. For this just click the "Charge taxes on shipping rates" option.


Edit Tax Groups

When you add a country to your Shopio Admin, a default Tax Group comes as already added for that country. If you wish to add another Tax Group;

  1. Go to Settings tab in the upper right of the page.
  2. Choose Tax section in the drop-down menu.
  3. You will find Edit Tax Groups button next to Add Country button. Click on it to open a new pop-up window in which you can add new tax groups and edit tax groups created before.

  1. In the pop-up window, you can edit your tax groups and add new tax groups. Please do not forget to click Save to save your changes.

After adding your new Tax Group, you can now assign it to the related products from Add / Edit Product page in the Tax Class section. 


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