Can I display sale prices on my product pages? (Compare at Price)

To be able to show your products on your homepage as on sale, you can use our Compare at Price feature. 

  • Just login to your Shopio Admin Panel and visit Products >> All Products menu. If it is a new product, just click on the Add Product button. If the product is already added then click on the product name to edit.
  • On Add Product / Edit Product Page scroll down to the Price field and find "Use Compare at Price" checkbox near it. When you check it, "Compare Price" field will be shown. Type a higher price (such as your competitor's or a previous price) to show your customers that your current price is lower.


  • Your theme will automatically display this price on your product page and storefront (for storefront it must be a Featured Product) as crossed out to indicate that you're selling below market.

It will be look like as this on the Product Page :


It will be look like as this on your Homepage (if this is a Featured Product) :


You can even set different Compare Prices for your Product Options. If you have product with different variants, you can decide different Compare Prices for each of them.

  • Just scroll down to the Options field and find the variant that you wish to add Compare Price. Click its Settings icon and choose Edit.


  • A Popup window will show up. Find the Compare Price field on it at decide your price. Then click Save.


That's all =)

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