How to Import Products with a CSV file?

Import System is the fastest way to add/edit your products as a bulk. If you have already added products on another ecommerce platform and you want to important them to Shopio, Import System will be your biggest assistant. This system can also be used for making changes on your products at once.

Instead of adding each product one by one, Shopio takes data from your CSV file and adds your all products as a bulk.

You can download our Sample CSV files via below links and edit them according to your product information.

Don't forget to delete sample product data.

Important: If you wish to import a CSV file which is exported from another platform, be sure about the CSV file format. The file format must be same as Shopio's sample CSV file in order to be uploaded to your Shopio Store successfully.

Please read our Import Products document to have much more detailed information about CSV files and importing process.

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