Can I add images to my Variants?

You can easily add images to your Product Variants while adding or editing your Products.

Please note that, you can only add 1 image for a variant.

  • From your Products >> All Products menu click on Add Product option. Or you can just click on the (+) icon on the top left of your Menu Bar to quickly add a product. (If you wish to edit a product, click on the product name on your All Products page.

  • Scroll down to the Options field and check "This product has multiple options." box and add your variants. Click on the image icon of the related variant to choose an image for the variant.


  • On the pop-up window click on the Select File button to upload your variant image. After selecting the image for your variant, click on ADD button.


  • You will see the thumbnail version of your image near the variant in the Options section. If you wish to delete variant image, you can click on that icon and click on Delete Variant Image.


Now your variant have its own image! When your customers visit your product page and choose the variant from Options, product image will change and variant image will be the main image. By that, your customers will be able to see the differences of each variant.

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