Accept Payments with 2Checkout

To activate 2Checkout as your Payment Gateway:

1. Login to your Shopio Admin Panel and go to Settings >> Payment menu. Click Add Payment Gateway and choose 2Checkout from the drop down list.

2. On the popup window, there are some fields need to be filled about your 2Checkout Account. ID and Secret. You can easily find these infos on your 2Checkout Admin Panel.

  • For ID, login to your 2Checkout Admin Panel and click the "Profile" icon on the top right of the panel. A popup will appear. You can see your Account Number (ID) in there.


  • For Secret, go to your Account >> Site Management menu and scrool down to the Secret Word field. Specify a Secret Word for your account and click Save Changes.


3. After getting your ID and Secret Word, just paste them into the fields on your Shopio Admin Panel.

4. Finally click ADD on the popup window.


After all 4 steps mentioned above, we have one more step to finalise the process. To be able to connect your 2Checkout Panel and Shopio Panel, you need to paste a url into your 2Checkout Panel at Account >> Site Management >> Direct Return menu.

The URL that must be pasted into your 2Checkout is:


You can find your Shopio Unix User Code via

Find your own Shopio Unix User Code, paste it into the URL mentioned above and paste the URL into the Approved URL field on your 2Checkout Panel.

For example, for, Shopio Unix User can be found at . The last 4 character of the username info will be used in the url that has to be pasted on your 2Checkout Panel.

Let's create the 2Checkout URL for,

Unix User's last 4 character is : 0870

The 2Checkout URL is :


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