Can I use multiple currencies on my store ?

With your Shopio Store, you can use multiple currencies on your store with a few easy steps and let your customers to see the prices in their own currency.

  • First login to your Shopio Admin Panel and download a Theme for your store (if you haven't yet) from our Theme Store.
  • After downloading your Theme, just visit your Settings >> General Settings menu and scroll down to the Multiple Storefront Currencies field.
  • Choose the currencies from the drop down menu and Save the process.

You can now show extra currencies to your customers.

Remember: Multiple Currency feature is not available on Checkout Page. Your customers can view the prices in multiple currencies at your site, but when they go to Checkout Page, all prices will be back to your store's default currency.

Here's how it looks like on your store :

On Homepage:


On Product Page:


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